Ultralight down quilts are one of the best ways to minimize weight. The key to an ultralight quilt is light weight fabrics and high fill power down. The materials that we use are 1.0 oz/yd2 20D nylon and 800 fill power, water-resistant goose down. We prefer to use quilts above freezing and bags below. With the quilt you simply sleep directly on your pad and put the quilt over you. The quilt has a foot box, snap and draw cord at the neck and straps to secure it around your body or around the mat to minimize drafts. For diehards, we make thicker quilts that can be used below freezing. As you can see from the specifications, an ultralight down quilt that will keep you warm down to freezing weighs just over a pound.

We are launching with three series of quilts, the Aries, Cygnus and Orion Series. The Aries and Cygnus Series offer models that are rated for use down to 30°F. The difference between the Aries Series and the Cygnus Series is that the Cygnus Series is a full width quilt and the Aries is a more narrow model. The Orion Series is rated for use at 30°F and below. As in our sleeping bags, we have used a differential construction in this series. For more information on the features and reasons for incorporating differentially cut construction please refer to the explanation in the Sleeping Bag Section.

Key features of our quilts include a snap and draw cord with cord lock to allow you to snug it around your neck on those colder nights. The foot box is generous, but not too large. Two straps with side release buckles fit under you or your pad to hold the sides of the quilt at ground level, minimizing drafts.

Orion Series

Differentially-cut below freezing performance